2018 round up ….

It has been a very long time since my last blog ….. Sorry! Going back to work, Xmas and all those life excuses have gotten in the way and my poor blog has fell well by the way side. But here it is the 1st blog post of 2019 and I know how exciting that must be for you all ( LOL’s at my own sarcastic joke).

For Xmas I made my husband a photo calendar as one of his presents and looking at the different pictures from each month of 2018 really made me think about how the year had gone. It felt like 2018 passed with the blink of an eye but actually we fit so much in and so I thought I would share with you all my 2018 round up ….

Baby Number 2 ….

January for me meant the count down to maternity leave. I was fat, frustrated and fed up! My back and pelvis was causing me so much pain as the baby was lay the wrong way and we had a few extra weight scans for him causing us to worry on the run up to the big day. Ideally I would have loved to work up till popping but I just couldn’t and after lots of internal guilty chats I decided to start my maternity leave about 4 weeks before my due date.

This was definitely the right thing to do and I spent the next month prepping, resting and spending time with my girl.

On the 27th February he made his entrance into the world ( I won’t go into that now but maybe a birth post is something for the future?). We spent the next 2 weeks together as a family (thank fook for paternity leave) and were besotted as a little family of four with our new guy.

This meant that the majority of 2018 for me was spent on maternity leave. I 100% mean it when I say I feel so thankful to have been able to spend that time with my boy and be paid fully for 6 months of it. The worry and stress I had with my girl was not there and I was free to just lap him up.

He had his 1st xmas, learnt to crawl and seems to be fearless!


We were lucky enough to go on 2 family holidays in 2018 and because I was on maternity leave didn’t have to worry about booking time off e.c.t. We did however have the struggle with school holidays (why do they make it so expensive to go away during the hols?). Holidays with 2 young kids is a completely different ball game but the hot weather helped with long siestas for baby and pool time for the big girl.

I really enjoyed my time but it was during this time that my anxiety began to creep up on me and that leads me onto ….

Mental health

Having a baby plays havoc with your hormones but for the 1st few months I felt happy and content. I had been struggling during pregnancy but had swept it under the carpet to deal with at a later date. That familiar feeling started to reappear with full force. With each child its brought some new additional worries to add to the bag. Lack of sleep and general tiredness meant that I didn’t start to tackle this until the end of the year.

Back to work

the words that every woman on maternity leave dreads …. its time to go back to work.  Truth be told I hadn’t been enjoying my work prior to leaving for maternity and so was really not looking forward to going back, Now 3 months on and I’ve applied for another role within the company and actually am not hating the place!

Anxious Mama blogs

I started my little blog and Instagram page in September and honestly its the most positive thing I could have done. I have had some great opportunities, met some lovely people and its boosted my confidence no end. Originally it was just a creative outlet but its become much more!

I would love to here your rounds up of the 2018 …. Your highs and lows and here’s to an amazing 2019 for us all – I’m so excited for the year to come xxx



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