Back to work ….

So last week it was time to go back to work after my maternity leave. I’ll be honest I was dreading it. After nearly ten months off and spending 8 of those with my beautiful boy my brain has turned to jelly and am well out of the working mummy routine. I’ve also been enjoying taking Ella to school in the morning and not having to be on mega rush mode every morning. Needless to say I had worked my self up into a right anxious mess…

1st Day back ….

Tuesday was my 1st day back and I was welcomed in by my lovely team. Most of the day was spent deleting 1600 emails and I was extremely bored but ….. I had 2 …. yes 2 hot brews, not luke warm or warmed back up but actually hot brews. I had an actual lunch break and lots of adult conversation ( a lot of it was general, oh your back that went so fast type of stuff but was nice to speak to someone about something other than Peppa pig). I was very lucky to be able to leave early on the 1st day back as I am increasing my hours its a longer day than I am used to so this was a blessing.

Leaving the baby ….

I’m really lucky that my mum has offered to help with the majority of my child care so I left him with her this week. I made sure that he had plenty of toys and a travel cot for his nap times and play time so that my mum could cope. Throughout the day my mum sent me approximately 20 thousand photos and updates ((slight exaggeration) and he was absolutely fine. He’s more than happy having lots of Nanna cuddles and he had a good nap for her.

My checklist for the 1st week back ….

In order to make sure that the 1st week went well I had a checklist of things to get ready and make it all a lot easier. It definitely helped me so if you are returning back to work soon or just looking to get organised here are some ideas ….

  • Batch cooking – The weekend before returning I prepped some freezer meals and some slow cooker dump bags to make tea time a bit easier.
  • The night before each day I set out all of our outfits for the next day, this takes the stress out of worrying about what to wear.
  • Get the kids stuff ready – I made sure all homework, P.E kits, school bags and babies bag were packed and ready to go for the next day.
  • Have a treat for the 1st day back – So we are trying to save money at the moment and normally I would take my milk and teabags in for brews and a lunch but for the first day I took to money to treat myself. its the little things!

All in all the 1st week back was absolutely fine. In fact I actually enjoyed being back into working mummy mode. I had forgotten how important it was to have that side of my life not just for the money (although lets face it that’s the number 1) but for me and my mental health.

I would love to hear from you if you have returned back to work recently or are back soon. If you have any more tips for me for juggling work and mum life let me know…

Thanks for reading xxx






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