Alfie’s 8 month update ….

Ok so I’m kind of cheating here because he turns 8 months next week but I’m bored sick recovering from having my wisdom teeth out so here it is ….

Eating ….

The little man absolutely loves his food and is now eating 3 meals a day (and snacks sometimes in between). For breakfast his current favourite is banana and porridge or mashed rusk. Lunches could be toast and avocado and dinner his current favourites are actually coming from the baby jars (covers face with hands). I’ve tried from scratch and am still incorporating that as much as possible but have no shame in saying that those little jars and pouches are a godsend and he loves them. He enjoys biscotti and rice cakes for snacks a well as chocolate buttons for a treat.

Teething ….

Well we have no little peggies yet but he is definitely teething. He likes to chew on anything that he can get his hands on and dribbles constantly. He had problems with his ears a few weeks ago which the doctor thinks might have been down to his teething and had to have Calpol at the worst times but that seems to have passed – fingers crossed. He loves to chew on cucumber sticks to help his gums and also the Nelsons teething salts seem to help.

Movement ….

He can now sit up unaided really well but I do still put some cushions around because he seems to like throwing himself backwards at times. He still isn’t keen on tummy time but has started to rock forwards onto his knees and is definitely getting stronger. He can stand unaided holding something and his little legs are so strong! He was in a harness up to 12 weeks and I think this had left his legs really strong.

In the night he will move himself over to the bars of the cot and he has started to put his arms out to be picked up (very cute). He has also very recently began rocking back and forth if there is music on or little songs on the kids TV as well as clapping along.

He seems to made a massive leap forward in his progress during these last 3 weeks.

Personality ….

His little personality is really shining through this month which is lovely for us and his big sister who he absolutely adores. He will look for her when she leaves a room and has started to shout her if she is sat watching the Ipad (6year olds and loves kids you tube drives me crazy).

He smacks his lips to do little kisses and giggles at everything. He will often throw you a little smile to get your attention and loves his mummy cuddles. One thing that he loves which I used to do with Ella when she was a baby is whispery stories. Basically whispering him a story and lies so calmly even falling asleep a few times.

Play ….

Alfie loves one on one play with his toys and we have also experimented with some homemade sensory play which I might do a blog post about. He loves playing with his sister especially likes to be apart of her games of school sitting and listening to her being the teacher.

I’ve taken Alfie to soft play a few times now and he really enjoys the noise and colours especially the ones with sensory light rooms. He always seems to have a good night sleep after we have visited a good soft play.

We love taking Alfie to the park and he can now sit in the baby swing. Getting out of the house is so important for all us and he loves seeing new things and people.

He has definitely found his voice and over the last few days spends the majority of his days shouting which is fun (she says)  he’s not upset, nothings wrong he just likes the sound of his own voice like his mum ….

Sleep ….

Now this is a difficult to update on because it is still up in the air but we are definitely seeing improvements. At the moment on a good day he will have 2 naps one in the morning and one afternoon. These can vary between 20 minutes and 1hour and I don’t stay in exclusively around nap time so he will nap in his pram sometimes.

Since being very small he has set his own bedtime and is always in bed by 7pm. Any later and he will scream blue murder, we have been very lucky with this. He will then sleep until around ten/eleven and have a bottle. He then wakes up at the moment, between 4 – 10 times. I know it sounds a lot, but most of the time its just for his dummy, on the bad nights I will rock him for a few minutes and put him back down. Believe it or not he is definitely getting better. That being said he is an early riser and will normally be up anywhere between 5.30 and 6.30.

I would love to hear where your babies are in there development and if there’s anything I have missed that you are curious about please let me know.

Thanks for reading xxx


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