I have a 6 year old ….

So yesterday my big girl turned 6 ….

I absolutely love birthdays especially my close family and so may have gone a little over board. She was so excited on Wednesday she couldn’t get to sleep and this meant myself and her dad waiting up to secretly bring down presents, put up banners and blow up birthday balloons all ready for the morning.

Of course its been the main topic of conversation for a good few weeks and I’m sure her teachers are pulling their hair out hearing about her plans.

Birthday morning came and she was thrilled with her presents, her little eyes lit up when she opened the living room door and saw the birthday set up. She received an array of LOL dolls, my little pony castle, build a bear teddy and lots of money ( she’s a very lucky girl). 

I made her some birthday pancakes and we put a candle in and sang happy birthday and sent her off to school with her birthday badges proudly on her school cardigan. I walked home on a high and feeling like id won the mum game. After school we took her to spend her birthday money and then had a pizza hut tea for a treat. By this point she was shattered and moaned to go home through dessert but it was a treat for us at least. 

Tomorrow is her birthday party and I’ve only had 3 RSVPS!!!  I know more kids than that are coming but the mums just haven’t bothered to let me know. Its so frustrating because I’m trying to sort out sweet cones and party food not knowing for sure how many kids are going to turn up. I’m currently sat with a list as long as my arm procrastinating by writing this blog post Fingers crossed it all goes well and I don’t end up downing a gin or 2 to get through it. 

I hope you have all had a great week. Let me know how you got through your kids parties and if you have any tips!





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