The 1st of October….

How can it be October already….

This year has really flown by, I feel like it was only yesterday that I was getting ready to go on my maternity leave and thinking about coming back to work felt like a million miles away. Now its drawing in and I really don’t feel ready. My little man seems so small still and although he’s being left with his grandparents and daddy (I am very lucky with my childcare arrangements) I am worrying that it’s all a bit too soon. We are still figuring out a sleep routine and to be honest it’s getting worse not better. Last night was the 1st night I gave in and let him into our bed. This helped with his sleep but not mine because I basically slept with one leg out of the bed all night.

This blog post is a bit of a self indulgent moan to be honest and it’s not all bad there is so much to look forward to in October. It’s my big girls birthday, Halloween, I’ve got a night out planned and all of the other nice stuff October brings like cosy nights, snuggled up watching Harry Potter (my favourite).

I know that going back to work will work out absolutely fine in the end. We will have more money as a family, I can communicate with adults other than the postman ( I love our postman to be fair) and the little man will have a great time with his Nanna and granddad.

I’ve think I need a plan in place to make me feel better about returning to work and to make my head a little less messy. So here’s my plan of action:

Start to make a few extra meals for the freezer….

I already have a few prepped and frozen and I think at least for those 1st few weeks will be good to have something that I can just bung in the slow cooker and have ready for when I get home.

Tackle the little mans sleep….

This is a big one. I am running on fumes at the minute and know that if we can crack this I will feel so much better. My other half is an amazing help but he works so hard and cant afford to be tired in the job that he is in.

Sort a good routine for the house….

This is nearly in place. I have been having a big sort out and should be at a better place with the routine for housework so finger’s crossed this one is nearly a done deal.

Make the most of this month off….

Take those little trips to the park, soft play, baby groups. Read a book or write my blog instead of cleaning whilst the little man naps. Set out some time for me to do things that will make me feel better about myself like having my hair cut, looking after myself better with regards to healthy eating and a small act of self care  daily.

How did you find returning back to work? I’ve done it once so I know I can do it again.

Let me know any tips you have and for anyone going back soon good luck I promise it will be fine.



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