One extreme to the other….

Story of my life!

I’ve either got a full 7 day meal plan, live to the strictest of budgets and make us the healthiest meals going or we eat only beige food and live off takeaways …. Ok so not the kids I do feed them the good stuff but I can’t seem to get a balance between the two for me.

Now my other half is quiet happy to go with the flow and it’s safe to say I’m the organiser when it comes to meals but this means I’m also the instigator when it comes to that cheeky takeaway or treating ourselves to a family meal out. I will wax lyrical about our healthy eating and insist we are all doing it this week and by Tuesday ive phoned the other half to pick up a KFC on his way home from work.

I think at the moment I’m just in that can’t be arsed stage. I’m looking after 2 minis and making sure they are healthy and happy and so I’ve let the looking after myself side slip.

I tell myself it’s a treat, I’m tired and I deserve it after all it’s hard being up all night with babe and then functioning in the daytime. But I know honestly that really my body (and bank balance) would thank me so much more for the healthy stuff.

That being said I’m no longer berating myself for those days/weeks that don’t go quite to plan or for those over budget over calorie fast food feasts.

Life’s too short to stress about a few extra chips…..and some chocolate, crisps ohhhhhh while were at it a Pepsi would be nice (full fat let’s not be silly about it) so if your having a takeaway tonight enjoy it, no guilt and if you have managed to make those healthier choices good on you could you throw some motivation my way please.


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