It’s Ok….

As I get deeper into this motherhood gig I’m realising that I still have so much more to learn. Every day there’s something new. Some days are good and some days are really rough but I’m starting to realise that that’s ok

It’s ok if the house isn’t spotless all the time. If the washing pile keeps growing and the washing up piles overflowing. If unannounced visitors stop by and have to make their own brew.

It’s ok if that baby weight is sticking around (plus a few extra pounds). If your roots are showing or in my case greys and your eyebrows have seen better days.

If your wardrobe consists of stretch leggings and you are still sporting those maternity Pjs 7 months on (no shame). If you haven’t got a clue what ‘going out clothes’ are and you live in the same 3 tshirts on a loop. If your nails are a complete mess and it’s mum bun or birds nest no inbetween.

It’s ok if you are a working mum or a stay at home mum. If you can’t wait to go back to work for some adult time or want to spend every waking day with your littles. It’s ok if you hate baby groups and peppa pig is your sworn enemy. It’s also ok to secretly love fireman Sam and wonder is her really Normans dad? Both ginger, definate sexual chemistry between him and dyliss hmmmm??

It’s ok if you scroll through Instagram on night feeds, if you live through Facebook because you are too tired to go out. Or if you go out every week and love a bit of kid free time.

All of it is OK! Really it is because your raising a human or maybe 2,3 or more…cut yourself a bit of slack and start saying to yourself every day ITS OK


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