Five tips for a frazzled Mama/Papa…

So I thought I would put together some tips that help to make me feel better on a day to day basis and keep my general sh*t together. Parenting is hard so anything that I can do to make it easier on myself (and generally stop my head from falling off)…I try my best to do. Now, I’m no expert so don’t take my word for gospel, these are just things that help me and will hopefully help you too….


Remember to keep yourself fuelled up throughout the day. Sounds so simple but how many times have you reached the school run only to realise you’ve not eaten or drank a thing all day? Que the mid afternoon slump or sugar crash which results in you eating half the kids chicken nuggets and makes you pray for bedtime. Try to start the day with a glass of water and make up a water bottle to top up throughout the day. Keep healthy snacks (and the odd treat) on hand for when you just don’t have the time to stop and eat a full meal.


Sort out the main players the night before – uniforms, your clothes for the next day, lunches, homework, PE kits ect…. as much as you want to melt into the sofa with a well deserved gin and Netflix spending half an hour on this will save you so much stress in the morning.


Keep on top of things – this is easier said than done I know, but trust me getting a wash on every day is better than doing it all in one go at the weekend and spending your whole Sunday deep cleaning the house. I’m not talking a major clean every day just aim to do a base clean/tidy in the morning and one again before bed once the kids are all tucked up and unable to mess it all up again. Just do the most important jobs. I sometimes set a timer for 15 minutes and see what I can get done in that time ( I know what an exciting life I lead). Nothing worse than waking up to a sink full of pots except perhaps a poonami, that is worse.


Keep a calendar – now this could be on your phone, stuck on the fridge or in a diary whatever your personal preference. Get in the habit of checking this the night before or even on a Sunday so that you know what’s on the agenda for the week ahead. I’ve been tripped up by too many forgotten birthday parties and dentist appointments so this is a must for me. You try getting an emergency birthday present for a 5 year old with 2 kids in tow, it won’t be quick and it won’t be cheap.


For me the most important. Set some time out for you – Now when I hear the words,’me time’, I think spa days but let’s face it that’s not possible for the majority. For me it could be as simple as a bubble bath when the kids are in bed or binge watching my favourite you tube channel when the baby has a nap instead of tackling that cleaning list. Do what you can within your limits, we are all different and have different things on our plate so even if it’s just 5 minutes to scroll through insta ( or read my blog *wink, wink) it’s important to take that time. My favourite saying is, ‘you can’t pour from an empty jug’ and it’s so true!

I really hope that these tips are of some use to you and would to gear yours, thanks xx

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