You look tired….

Please, please for the love of god don’t tell me that I look tired because guess what I already know!

I know I’ve got eyebags the size of a Primark bag on payday and I’m fully aware that the PJ top that I have on to do the school run is inside out and full of last nights chinese. I understand that my greys are showing through and that yesterday’s mascara is making my panda eyes pop (oooo I put mascara on yesterday I’m winning at life).

Yes I get all of that so please don’t tell me, not unless you want to hear the reasons why…

  • I’ve been up and down in the night at least 50 thousand times!
  • Sleeping in past 5 is now a dream alongside becoming a bake off finalist or running away with Tom Hardy
  • By the time the kids are in bed I’m just too tired to do anything so rather that dye my hair or paint my nails I scroll through insta looking at all of the beautiful people until bedtime.
  • My brain doesn’t understand an early night and if I do try to go to bed before ten to catch up on some sleep full blown insomnia kicks in and I then can’t sleep the rest of the night ….until 5 o clock at which point I would pay a million pounds and give back Tom hardy for a solid hours kip.
  • I’m keeping humans ALIVE!!!!

So please instead of reminding me maybe tell me that the kids look great or suggest a brew date some time (or gin I prefer gin).

I know you mean well but my tired brain would rather live in denial and for the time being walk past those mirrors, become best mates with my sunglasses and carry an emergency tin of dry shampoo in my handbag.


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