Setting myself up for a fall…


So I was reeling off today’s to do list, adding a few more extra jobs (because let’s face it they are never ending) when it occurred to me that I will probably only have time to do a third of the jobs on there. That’s providing the day goes perfectly to plan and I suddenly gain the ability to summon the helper birds like a northern Cinderella.

Que the nagging feeling of uselessness and the why bother mentality begin to set in. So there I was, completely given up on the list because what’s the point? Tucking into a packet of Bourbons and Jeremy Kyle when I realised that it wasn’t me that was the problem but the list.

At the moment I am lucky enough to be on maternity leave and this means I can do the school run and spend the day getting jobs done and looking after Alfie. Now when I say the day by the time I get home and plan in the time for setting off for pick up I have around 5 hours. Within that time Alfie will have 2 bottles and lunch ( I also need to feed myself). Add in the nappy changes and play time and there’s not a lot of time left. I wouldn’t change it and am 100% grateful for being able to do all of these things.

Every day we set ourselves completely unachievable goals only to berate and self loath when we unsurprisingly can’t reach them. This then leads to a what’s the point? mentality, which leaves you back at square one.

Now I’m not saying lists are the devil because I love a good list and the feeling of ticking something off is great. It’s the amount of pressure we put upon ourselves that leads to an ultimate fail.

My goal for this week will be to write one item on the list and then anything else is a bonus. For me missing off the ironing so that I can play with my boy or even catching up on the real housewives of cheshire with a brew (im only human) is much more important.

I am going to work at setting myself up for a win not a fall!


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