Holiday blues …

Today’s morning wake up call was provided by Alfie at 5.30am zzzz. I could already hear the rain and feel the gloomy weather before I’d even looked out of the window. Now, this would normally be fine, I mean I’m a Manchester girl so rain is the norm for me, but last week we returned from our holidays and so full on holiday blues has kicked in today.

It started with a badly timed email off Jet the day after we returned, ” Laura are you ready for your next trip?” Wahhhh, F you Jet 2! This then led to a day of pricing up holidays, pricing up flights on budget airline website and general holiday procrastination/day dreaming.

On the way home from the school run it became apparent that I wasn’t the only one feeling the post holiday blues. “I hate it at home with no pool mum, there’s  no sun and I want to go to the pub and eat peanuts with Dad” (don’t ask ha). Cue tea time and Daddy returns home from his 1st day back at work. We won’t go into that convo but basically he also wants to go back to holidays and eat peanuts in the pub (we also went to the beach, pool and sun bathed all day but whatever).

Now in a bid to stop the whole house descending into a pit of depression I’ve decided to make this evening in our house a fun place to be and even mention the dreaded C word to Ella, she’s already vowed to start on her list the minute she gets in from school and I’m looking forward to using Santa as a scare tactic for good behaviour.

Meanwhile I shall secretly continue to scour holiday websites, pour myself  pink gin with a fancy straw and dream about peanuts in the pub …

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